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Minggu, 20 September 2015

Flashing Firmware with Odin

Flashing Firmware with Odin - we should be concerned about the development of technology, because the technology selelu give us ease in doing activities, on the blog Techno Review we will discuss a lot of gadget technology from the review spec and price, now we will discuss first about that in your search that is Flashing Firmware with Odin please refer to the infromasi we will convey in full:

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Flashing Firmware with Odin

1. Just download the firmware version you want from the second or third posts and extract the .tar or .tar.md5 file in the archive and save it somewhere

2. Reboot your phone to download mode.

To get download mode shut down the device. After it shuts off completely simultaneously press theDown volume key+ Home button + press the power button .

You should see a warning asking you to press volume up if you want to continue or volume down to cancel, press volume up. You are now in download mode!

3. Start Odin

4. If your ROM is a single .tar.md5 package click on the PDA button and browse to the .tar or .tar.md5 file that you extracted in step 1 and select it. This should like like the image below

If the package has more than one .tar archive then they will be labelled with PDA/Code, Phone/Modem and CSC. Just put them in the corresponding section of Odin like below


Regardless of firmware version it's still the same methodology

6. Connect the USB cable and wait for any required drivers to install and the ID:COM section to turn blue like below

7. Click start to flash. If Odin hangs at setting up connection just unplug the USB cable and re-attach it, Odin should now resume

8. Do not disconnect the cable or turn off the device once the flash has started, it will reboot when it finishes.

If the firmware is from this thread it will not wipe your phone if you flash as recommended UNLESS I state that the firmware is a "WIPE" version.

just so much information Flashing Firmware with Odin

hopefully information Flashing Firmware with Odin can give you answers about what you ask to google, and hopefully you can determine the gadget that suits your needs.

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