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Senin, 22 Desember 2014

Tracfone Sales and Deals for 2015!

Tracfone Sales and Deals for 2015! - we should be concerned about the development of technology, because the technology selelu give us ease in doing activities, on the blog Techno Review we will discuss a lot of gadget technology from the review spec and price, now we will discuss first about that in your search that is Tracfone Sales and Deals for 2015! please refer to the infromasi we will convey in full:

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Tracfone Sales and Deals for 2015!

Sales and Discounts on Tracfone Minutes and Cell Phones for 2015

Enjoy this list of great deals and sales we've tracked down for you. These are some of the best prices we've seen, and are through a variety of different sources. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

tracfone sales 2015
Deals, Discounts and Sales on Tracfone!
Ring in the new year with some fantastic deals on Tracfone devices and minutes. These discounts will hopefully make 2015 a little brighter!

Finding the best prices on stuff can be a challenge, you just can't always tell when something is a good deal, or really on sale. But we monitor the prices for a wide variety of Tracfone products, and share the best deals with you here!

For those who might be unfamiliar with Tracfone, they are a low cost wireless prepaid cell phone company. They provide both cell phone service, and cell phones. To learn more about what Tracfone is and how it works, visit our /p/overview-of-tracfone.html">About Tracfone page. You can also take a look at the cell phones available on our /p/cell-phone-reviews.html">Cell Phone Reviews page.

Some of the biggest deals we share below are for the latest Android smartphones to come to Tracfone like the LG Ultimate 2 and Moto E. The deals we have found include not only the phones, but minutes as well for a great price! 

Well, let's get straight to the Tracfone deals for 2015!

Tracfone Discounts, Deals and Sales on Cell Phones and Minutes

Below are listed five great deals, check them out before they disappear!

The /2014/10/lg-ultimate-2-l41c-tracfone.html">LG Ultiamte 2 is one of the latest smartphones to come to Tracfone. It features a 4.5" touchscreen, front and rear cameras, Dual-core 1.2Ghz processor, and about 4-5GB usable internal storage! Get more info on all the latest smartphones from Tracfone on our /2014/07/tracfone-android-list.html">Android Tracfone List.

Buying the LG Ultimate 2 on sale with 1200 minutes is a great deal at $129 because the 1200 minutes (a 400 Minute/1 Year card tripled) are worth $100, making the phone cost only $30! You get a great smartphone, and 1200 calling minutes, texts and MB of data!

The /2014/10/tracfone-moto-e-xt830c.html">Moto E is another smartphone from Tracfone running Android 4.4 with a 4.3" touchscreen. It also has a 1.2Ghz Dual-core processor, and rear camera. This phone is very fast, and has great battery life.

This deal includes the Moto E and a 400 Minute/1 Year prepaid card, which usually retails for $100. This means you basically get the phone for free! If you don't want the minutes, the Moto E is available by itself for $89 on Amazon.

With the largest screen (5"), the /2014/10/alcatel-a564c-onetouch-icon-pop.html">Alcatel Onetouch Icon Pop is a big phone that comes with a Quad-core 1.2Ghz processor, front and rear camera, and Android 4.4.

When the Alcatel was first released for Tracfone in Nov 2014, it started at $149 for the phone itself. Now you can get the phone PLUS a 400 Minute/1 Year card (worth $100) for $129! Its a great bargain.

4. LG 305C and LG 306G for $10 each

For those who don't need all the features of an Android phone, and want to keep more money in their pocket, the LG 305C/306G are going for a great price.

They come with a 3.5" touchscreen, and a variety of other features, and Triple Minutes for Life.

For those who might not know, the LG 305C is for people who use CDMA cell phone networks with Tracfone, and the LG 306G is for those who use GSM with Tracfone. Want a little more info on which is right for you? View our complete /2013/07/tracfone-gsm-vs-cdma-phones.html">GSM vs CDMA blog post that not only provides definitions, but will help you know which one to use.

These phones are a great buy if you currently don't have a phone with Triple Minutes. For just $10 you will get your minutes Tripled every time you add more prepaid minutes! So if you add a 60 minute card, with these phones (and most Tracfone cell phones) you will get a total of 180 minutes!

Tracfone minutes have very consisten pricing, and usually can't be found at much of a discount. But this deal is for a 200 minute card that will be mailed to you for $32 including shipping. The 200 Minute card usually retails for $40, making this a savings of $8 or 20% off!

You will have to wait a few days, but will receive a card (or piece of paper) with the airtime PIN. Don't forget to use a /p/tracfone-promo-codes.html">Promo Code when you add the minutes!

View the Deal

Bonus Deal! Moto EX431G for $7

While the Moto EX431G isn't an Android phone, it does have Triple Minutes for Life, and plenty of the basic cell phone features you expect from a Tracfone device. it also has a nice QWERTY keyboard which makes texting fast and fluid.

This phone is a great buy if you don't already have a phone with Triple Minutes, or for a young kid who you don't really want surfing the net all the time.

View the Deal

Well that covers the best deals we've found. Let us know in the comments if you find more great deals!

If you're shopping for a phone, don't forget about the /p/tracfone-byop-phone-list.html">Tracfone BYOP program, which allows consumers to bring their own smartphones to use with Tracfone. This includes phones like the Moto G and iPhone 4S. Follow the link above to learn more.

We also recently shared our pick for the /2014/12/best-apps-for-tracfone-android-users.html">Best Android Apps for Tracfone users. Go check them out and let us know which apps are your favorite! And if you do have a smartphone, you should probably /2014/12/tracfone-smartphone-covers-and-cases.html">protect it with a cover or case. We list some of the most popular smartphones with Tracfone, and where to find great covers for them.

And if you like saving money, check out our post on the /2013/01/how-to-set-up-tracfone-family-value-plan.html">Tracfone Family Value Plan. It is a convenient way to get minutes every month, and also can be a great deal.

Thanks for visiting, and pass this along these deals to a friend!

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